All Eyes On Bitcoin – Holiday Weekend, EOS, How A “Fund” Beat BTC This Month – Ep203

Getting close to game time – here’s my plan! Get your free PDF here: Subscribe to the Podcast: …


  1. "You see what I am saying?" No I don't get it AT ALL, I only hear, may be, may have, not convinced, waiting, sit back, do nothing, scalp, is this talk from the Macro Cloud? I want you to help me make better decisions, I need financial advice cause I am buying high and sell low. Should I try Macro Scalping?

  2. Macro Crew wants to see a big Macro Carter drop in the price so we can sell some more, we like to buy high & sell low (macro)

  3. Hey Carter! Really appreciate your videos, I have watched all of them for the past 3 months. You really need to check out Nebulas (NAS). It is a next generation public blockchain led by Hitters Xu (Founder of NEO) together with other team members from NEO and Alibaba. Advisors include Chris McCann from Greylock Partners (investors in Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Linkedin, Coinbase, etc). Hidden gem!

  4. I look forward to seeing it NOT bounce , but break through that line so I don't have to see that triangle anymore 😅 Ain't anywhere near da bottom yet. Tone Vays knows.

  5. Good idea to spread out and diversify in Up Markets, but in a down market, Less and less popular ones tend to go down less, since they are held by stronger hands. If one looks at the IDEX HOT tokens trading, would conclude we are in Raging Bull market!
    Is EOS going to be #3 by September?

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