Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 1

In this tutorial, we’re going to begin talking about strategy back-testing. The field of back testing, and the requirements to do it right are pretty massive. Basically, what’s required for…


  1. I wonder if 'good' algos actually prey on 'bad' algos, so that unless your algo is good enough, you will do WORSE than buy-and-hold.

  2. Can you please delete or at least change titles of your old quantopian series? Watched like half of it until I saw the comment that it was outdated and then lead here 🙁

  3. First of all – thanks a lot for everything. I want to ask what is the difference between the quantopian tutorial you've made in your "Python for Finance with Zipline and Quantopian" and this series? and if one wants to learn quantopian – which would be better to learn from?

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