Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Alex Jones is known for pushing conspiracy theories, but he also spends a lot of time promoting his own products. John Oliver and a “doctor” “from” M.I.T. test out …


  1. Im someone who watched him… I believe hes trying to be good but now hes very crazy to me . Its seems like hes pushing drama to make money !!! Im about god love peace ..but will stand and protect our country constitution . I so want us all to stop the evil things have been going on all over the world . Like our children being trafficked abused and its sick what is going on . Id watch your show as a patriot but your jokes now are too extreme with alot of hate … Trump is our president and Its awful hearing constant MSM screaming about it . another thing is our News on MSM is terrible they are evil … they report on things that are STUPID , Time we all wake up no matter what we feel think about politics time to work together stop the Pedo shit .. our kids being told at young ages also oh well if your not sure about being a boy or girl we can change you !!!!! Ok guys its ugly yuck to do this … You wonder about the chemicals in water thing being true and the teachers brainswashing our children into very odd doubt about their sex ??????just look at all of Hollyweird !!! They have gone off the deep end … you cant even talk about GOD or being a christian ..without being told to stop being abusive …wow…. but what goes on in the MSM world is okay ??? Just a thought for this show ..Im not a hater but im very sad to see whats happening to our artist alot of cult like behavior or you cant believe in God be christian or like oiur president !!!! really nasty stuff Marina Abramovic …Gross art evil stuff … so makes us all see the ugly truth .. maybe if your show had a balance of things be nice to watch again … Joke about HRC for awhile !!!

  2. I am a republican, and Trump supporter, but Alex Jones is completely bat shit crazy and I hate him. My man Ben Shapiro certainly hates him as well.

  3. John Oliver is a red coat, ugly, evil looking mother fucker. I seriously hope he and his fake news media allies all fall under a new and powerful Trump administration and enlightened populace

  4. That was a funny and despicable smear on Alex Jones. To bad Oliver can't address real issues, and has to resort to grade school tactics when attacking Alex Jones. People should go and listen to Alex themselves, and after a while you will start to see things a whole lot differently. Alex is definitely off the wall, but in a good way. He certainly isn't perfect and often exaggerates, but the issues he covers are real and you will never hear about them from people like Oliver who are trying to keep you as far from Alex as possible for a reason.

  5. He promotes and sells products to fund the lawyers protecting him from the onslaught of BS lawsuits from Democrats and liberals trying to shut him down because he speaks the truth….

  6. Fun Fact: Satanists don't actually believe in Satan as a deity. It's just a symbol to them. They're atheists. Yeah. Never thought to research that, do you Jones?

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