Akon & Ai Weiwei Explore Crypto & Bitcoin Mining Politics – BTC & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Akon and Ai Weiwei moving deeper into crypro, Gemini exchange continues efforts to professionalize crypto industry, next …


  1. @cryptolark The "Western Sahara" was and still a part of the Moroccan kingdom. Not being part of Morocco is a story created by third parties (Spain and Algeria)… Please do your research before giving away facts.

  2. Thanks Lark! I agree with the Ethos decision,they could have chosen better,on that note has any one got any air drops yet?…….NOSHAVETILL20K CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn! (had a yard sale on the weekend made $130.00 not much i know but it is for me,can buy some crypto now lol well after the exchange from Can to USD, and the fees for buying maybe Ill get like 60 bucks haha thats 14 QTUM tho hhaaa ILL TAKE EM ;)……the price of QTUM is a dream right now…….CHEERS TO ALL IN CRYPTO LARK NATION…..now over to watch "token tank" video 😉

  3. HSBC was almost out of business for money laundering and now they talk how bad it is on Earth. Ty gentlemen, glad you point that out to us; we are really unaware. 😞

  4. Remember the rapper, The Game with Paragon Coin? It was s sorry attempt to bridge hip hop and crypto. It's gonna have to be someone worth Billions like Jay Z, for anyone to listen.

  5. Brock Pierce is not helping Eos by reappearing. Pedophilia isn't that hip with the sane crowd. Or did he ever step up and clarify his involvement with the gruesome case, covered by 'An open secret'.

  6. What the heck does the banks know how much resources Gaia has to sustain life. I don't think we even got started discovering what the earth has to offer. Oh yea, banks think in third density. Anything other than addresses in blood. Mahalo Lark. G'day!

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