AIRTEL e KYC Adhaar fraud – Is your personal data safe? UIDAI suspends Airtel eKYC Aadhaar license

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  1. Well its not new not especially for Indians, and as you said in video that ''hum aise yug me ji rahe h jha logo ko bina puche kuch bhi ho rha h, aur unhe pta hi nhi chlata''' well it's not surprising either..India's press freedom rank is 136.Today's media is sycophants. btw thanks for the nice video.

  2. Hi Gaurav.. To secure personal data and such intervension. 1 Gov.. Should keep timely check on companies working.. 2 Very personal details should be hidden and retained only by government, and for other general details gov. can provide other unique code which is linked to aadhar card and hence this code can be further be provided to company where they can verify this code with individual (this could be done through online) this can also avoid multiplication of work. So directly governmet has control over companies and individual activity.

  3. For security of adhaar or our integral details,
    Only Government should have our adhaar database in which our personal details are present.
    Only adhaar number must be given to the third parties instead of our personal details.
    In any case third parties can contact government regarding particular adhaar number .
    Adhaar linked details data only for government and only adhaar numbers for third parties.

  4. guys pls help me . this same thing is happened to my uncle who is a farmer . he was saying that he don't get his LPG subside and I don't now who made Airtel payment . he uses simply below rs 2000 keypad phone. how can I help him .

  5. Personal Data stored in Adhar is a matter of huge responsibility for Indian government and any third party availing the same. It must be protected at any costs and for that one of the most important things is cyber security. There's a need to introduce a bill for data protection which can ensure safety of all the citizens' data stored electronically.
    Safety by govt. and Accountability of govt. Is a must.

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