After Coinbase Hack, Contact At Standstill, Money Still Missing

After thousands are stolen from the David Pakman Show from Coinbase, the money is still missing and the security investigation is at a standstill, as multiple …


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  4. I know that usually people say this in order to troll, but I unsubscribed from TDPS a few weeks back and haven’t really missed it too much.

    What made me unsubscribe was the ICO videos. If I’m not the only one who decided to do this, that means not only is David losing money to the crypto hack but he’s also losing whatever small subscriber revenue he’d be getting from people turned off by these, at least what I interpret to be, ads disingenuously labeled as ‘reviews.’

    Perhaps rethink your content revenue strategy David. Stick to normal ads. I just bought Warby Parker glasses last week after hearing about them first on your show years back.

  5. I agree with Christopher Widgren below, getting involved in cryptocurrencies is stupid. The entire reason any money is worth anything is FAITH. Faith in that nation and its economy, which is why some countries have worthless currency. Faith in your country's banking system—that one is in some doubt in this country, but on the whole, we are relatively safe for now. But having faith in blockchain? Faith in Bitcoin? Seriously, all it takes is a dumping of that "currency" and most of the holders will be destroyed. It doesn't even have the security of the stock market. It's faith built on computers which could be hacked, faith in a non-currency that could deflate to nothing overnight. Get real. I donate to your show directly and through Patreon. Skip the other crap.

  6. Who would have guessed that money invested in a volatile mostly bullshit false currency would be easy to steal with no real repercussions for the thief? I mean who needs federally regulated currency when you can play cowboy on the internet?

  7. How many stock images of "hacking(cracking for you stallmanites)" are there I've never seen two a like in any form of media for example (news, movies, tv/ETV shows, YouTube,twitch) truly magestic

  8. Everyone shitting on David for buying crypto is just plain wrong. And in 5-10 years they are gonna be crying their eyes out they didn't buy any during this time period.

    I will say however, that it should have never been stored on Coinbase long-term. Unless you are actively buying or selling it at that moment it has no business being on coinbase or on an exchange. It needs to be stored in an offline wallet, and then it's perfectly safe provided you know how to keep your keys secure.

  9. I looked through their support twitter and they literally asked some dude for their email and didn't specify it be through DM. He also supplied it. Just looking through the replies you get a treasure trove of personal info. Glad they finally realized it's a huge security hole to do not require DMs to offer support.

  10. "noob loses money in crypto because they are dumb"
    Why tf would you have any crypto on coinbase unless it's there for the amount of time it takes to convert it to USD?

  11. Literally one of the first things I read when I got into crypto was DON'T KEEP YOUR CRYPTO ON COINBASE, get a desktop app or that physical wallet device thingy I forgot its name…

  12. Hey asshole. That senior citizen and activist you debated less than a week ago, recently got brutalized for protesting "Bloody" Ginas nomination to head the CIA.
    Maybe get on that and stop crying about your fake internet-money?

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