A Society that ONLY uses Bitcoin (BTC)? – Today’s Crypto News

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  1. I believe they need a lower value crypto rather than BTC as currency because of the low transaction times and cost of making transactions! There are so many competitors out there. Whats your thoughts of Ethereum as a currency? Also
    In my opinion I think eth can be used as more as an application for practical world cases uses and for payments to fund ICO's they are based off. The reliance on eth could legitimize crowdfunding ICO's as a source of payment rather than BTC. Many icos dont bring much value but one such as FR8network which could turn into an altcoin that will do well.

  2. Buying land in the USA (or anywhere else) and trying to make it "free land" is bullshit. The federal and more local governments will never go for it. They will always see it as their "right" to extort you for your work and wealth. And in the USA they don't even have to send in the military, as the police is so militarized already.

  3. No, I'd NOT want to live in a society that ONLY uses BTC. And this is simply because BTC isn't private. Why would I want to have my private economics public to the world? Gangsters could discover my private addresses and extort me by kidnapping my daughter. Much easier and discretely than with a bank transfer.

  4. No one needs a Bitcoin cult society! Bitcoin is meant to be used in all societies worldwide and not to be used to build the next Manson freaky cult. It feels more like a scammy stunt to take 0.5 btc from the fanatics.

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  9. I can’t help but to find addressing everyone as soldiers offensive. Altcoin army all day long, knock yourselves out but your fan base consists of lambo moon boys who drool over memes and would die to see XRP at $5… while soldiers, actually die

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