A Powerful Trading Strategy for making consistent Pips

This powerful trading strategy for making consistent pips can be used for Day trading, swing trading or position trading, We are going to combine the power of 3 …


  1. Hi Darel – I am a software developer and want to create an automatic trading bot. I would like to discuss with you about trading strategies that can be automated. Please let me know if you have an email to elaborate my thoughts. Thanks for the great content, as always.

  2. Thank you Mr Dare. I observed that we are missing so many trading opportunities. Sometimes trades are entered in late because we have to wait for the trade to be above or below the 200 SMA for long or short trade respectively. Is there away this can be corrected. Thanks

  3. This is a really nice and realistic way to make money while trading. I'v applied it to my charts and did well discovering nice trades and profitable.

    Thank you very much sir and continue with your nice work and soon you'll have more subscribers.

  4. Hello Sir, If it so happens that when I open up a chart, the OsMA is already switched over to 'up' side a few bars back, but the rest of the indicators are in my favour (that is the price is above 200 SMA and the ADX is trending upward above 25), would it be adviisable to place a BUY trade?….or does your strategy work only at the exact moment that the OsMA is switching from up to down or vice versa??

    Thank you very much

  5. hello Mr.Makemo8 this is very good strategy I just try on my demo account and works fantastic. Can you tell how I can get the indicators windows so I can see the pips for TP please and thanks in advance.

  6. It's so confusing that you have (so far) 48 powerful systems to make consistent pips. If you had to chose the best one which would it be? Or do they all fail in real world trading?

  7. Mate! I absolutely love your videos. They are fantastic! Seriously I prefer your videos than most others. Really wanna start testing this strategy. Thanks again. SUBSCRIBED!

  8. Thank you for yet another elaborate presentation. I'm interested in understanding how the Gator indicator works. I realize it that it overlaps beyond the current price action. The same as the Ichimoku cloud. Are they really leading indicators? Please assist.

  9. Thank you for such a clear explanation. When going through charts and finding that criteria is met for trade entry, it looks like price is often far from the 200 SMA, so the reward to risk ratio is quite low. Do you have an alternative suggestion for where to place the stop loss?

  10. i am using 15 pip as first take profit and 30 pips as second take profit , because the osma will get me out for max 15 pips stop but if i use the 200 sma we are talking about 40 pips sometimes so i dont want to use the 200 sma just use osma

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