A MAJOR Bullish Bitcoin Breakout Is Coming! – Here’s Why

Enroll in the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy here: Bitcoin has positioned itself for a bullish breakout coming in the coming …


  1. Reading through most of the comments below most are Bullish, one rule learnt is that the market goes opposite to common sentiments. It does currently look like it could go both ways but more downwards as volume has gone down overall. I hope we all get that Bull run and makes good monies.. but do be careful and ensure you have a strategy in place and not just FOMO.

  2. other then ur speedy gonzales excellent tech analysis oct fire works global financial collapse will resume in which already have begun dollar is in trouble bull run soon resume

  3. Tone Vays pointed out that it's returning to an old channel from 2015 and if true its good as it's a very steep channel. But he still thinks it's gonna get ugly.

  4. I'm trying to stay bearish but the sell offs seem to be getting weaker and weaker. Could we still go down to $5,800? I think so, very possible but I'm having a hard time seeing where we're gonna get fresh sellers to go down much more than $5k – $5.8k. Who knows, either way I'm preparing for both scenarios.

  5. seen from well known guys a bullish sentiment so i will (and some already did) make a 50/50, half into fav projects and 50% on the side, hope 4 some bigger volatility tho…if it goes down buying BTC so i get more alts nearer the bottom (whateva that is), lose on the short term value in BTC but as alts in that envirement fall dramatically more and the BTC dominance shoots up, then i get a crap more fav alts while not giving a fuck where is the bottom-hard bounce cause the bounce from the bottom will be aggressive as fuck , better believe that…sell…buy in retrace+difference whateva ur heart desires, u can acumulate BTC +alts or just 1, in the long run i want 2 get btc + alts so it is in a way, do whateva i am good, a win win situation, a sure bet…only question that remains -what r the multipliers that 1 can achieve till the peak of the next bull run…

  6. Bravo Jebb. You are the only Crypto Youtuber out there right now that has correctly analysed the BTC chart. Your graph looks exactly like mine lol. I also predicted a breakout, in the next few days, up to $7400. We will then come back down to re-test the top of the triangle, then go on a
    strong rally.

    As you say, people are under estimating the significance of the consistently higher lows, with the latest up-trend line being almost 45 degrees, and hence very bullish. Keep up the great videos. Peace out.

  7. The thing is that if we break below 5800 it is very likely to go very low. If BTC goes around 2-3k it will be very hard to find buyers that trust the market for a really long time and it is possible to have an extended bear market and accumulation phase that last a few years (2-4) like last time before silently entering a new bull cycle reaching new ATH again. Hope that's not the case but it is a strong possibility atm.

  8. Its amazing how many people are bullish considering the downtrend is still intact. But then again there has been bullishness all the way down with a multitude of reasons of how its just about to enter the new bull phase. When it breaks that DT – thats when I'll become bullish and not before.

  9. Check the 4hr BTC chart – look at the divergence between price and RSI. Then check ALL the other peaks in the downtrend. The second lower peak in RSI has been followed by a sell off, every time!

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