#98. Bitcoin BREAKING NEWS “BULLS IN MUD”; MAY 23-30th. ASTRO- FINANCE eye on cryptoCurrency market

Book natal chart reading 2 hours: …


  1. As far as the "Wall Street Cheat Sheet" goes, pretty sure we just hit the realization of the "Anger" stage… Especially if you layer it on the daily time-frame.

  2. uranus in taurus has been thunderstorms everywhere – including bitcoin – there is a big shakedown – it will get worse before it gets better. I though it would go up too but i now think June will be bloodshed.

  3. Things will turn around from 28th May , everyone hold on tight and keep the faith , market makers bring fear then people sell the big whales buy cheap , they are millionaires for a reason . Think smart 👍remember why are big institutions investing

  4. Bulls came with huge balls as you anounced in your prediction fo 20th of May, but with definitely small dick.
    : )
    I will follow your advice and stay in crypto. Thanks.

  5. Thankyou for video! I got to cash out a few thousand dallors in 2wks so i hope litecoin comes up over 225 bucks by june 7th or this is going to hurt me a good bit! I can,t believe how low cryptos are and alm half the year is over ugh.

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