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  1. Hi Osher Wan chain up 140% do you have any insight on this coin? should we buy now? good long term? expected crash? love to know your thoughts. Thank you Wanchain (WAN)

    "Wanchain aims to build a distributed “bank”. Just as traditional banks are the infrastructure of the current
    financial framework,"

    Connecting the World's Digital AssetsWanchain is creating new distributed financial infrastructure. Cross-chain smart contracts built on Wanchain will power the new digital economy

  2. MAZAL TOV…the entire crypto market train is moving now.. pluto and Mars are aligned now in 21 degrees.. The full moon in Scorpio will occur April 30th which means BTC will be already above 10k… Hopefully you are sitting in train.. We are moving faster.. Hold tight.

  3. In at least one of your video you mentioned about matching one's natal chart with cryptos and/or stock markets that you have been doing for your clients. Is that service very expensive? Are your clients the very rich people, or do you have service for the ordinary people's natal chart that has a fee?

  4. thank you so much your predictions are awesome i have combined them with my charts and results are stunning i am in xrp and i think 2-2,5 should be the first stop till july what s your opinion again thank u so much love from turkiye

  5. Well you are accurate, my stocks 90% fell a lot; But wish you tell us about today in your April 17th video. SO ANY suggestions like when the plants will give us better market? Or is the world going to come down for more months? Thank you.

  6. Hello Sir
    "Apollo Foundation"
    Any thought on it
    Very cheap @ the moment @ 0.003cent
    I'm really mesmerise by your astrology prediction
    Have a good Day
    Thank You
    God Bless

  7. To the most compassionate OSHER, I am grateful. I've tried to open the web sites that you put in, but was not able to open any one of them. It just says there's an ERROR. I just found you yesterday, and I really appreciate your helping the public, it is a great cause.

  8. ur predictions are very logical by astrology ,,, i really love ur style, if u add also subtitles English , i will be really appreciated… i know much of ur videos already subtitled ,,,

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