6 Major Firms Use Ethereum / Coinbase Halts Trading / Japan Salaries In Bitcoin / Trump & Blockchain

Story – Ethereum Moons on UBS News Let’s begin with the Ethereum chart: 3 all time highs in the last 3 …


  1. I've been having a blast trading Bitcoin and Ethereum but have no doubt that in the long term governments and banks will gain control over cryptocurrencies. When that happens look out below because it will all come crashing down for we the people.

  2. Coinbase still will not use segwit addresses still which they should have upgraded by now, and if coinbase were really worried about the technical service they offer they would have stopped people joining while their infrastructure was increased or they bought in more liquidity. For most they are a necessary evil to purchase bitcoin to transfer out to a wallet. I hope they improve starting with segwit so newbies do not pay high fees on btc transactions. Don't forget that this is the company that tried to steal everyones bcash after the fork but a class action lawsuit meant they had to agree to give peoples free coins.

  3. I think Trump is way more blockchain technology friendly then Obama that's for sure, he's the reason why it's finally taking off here in the US. We have to jump through hoops to buy cryptocurrencies thanks to Obama.Trump is making it easier by the day so I wouldn't worry about Trump trying to stifle innovation like Obama did. I think Trump know's how much more efficient blockchain will be for government and how much money will be saved by utilizing it. I think he also sees how it can also rid us of crony capitalism and corruption in government.

  4. Well, I love coinbase atm. I was gonne spend 9.58 litecoin when it was worth 74$. But coinbase didnt let me. Yesterday it when up to 340$ usd. I growed 2452 usd or something

  5. You forgot to mention that if Brian Armstrong would have just hired some people August 1st to get segregated Witness working on their platform fees and speed would be better. That was the reason he gave when supporting2X… users wanted lower fees and faster speeds. So if that's what the users want, why when asked in early December did he come out and say they were looking into it???…LOL another coinbase fail!

  6. Well, I think the War hawks , Big Banks, Military industrial complex, Big Data companies, and AI companies are all over the space of Blockchain and Bitcoin , I don't even rule out they invented it in the first place . ..for them , I doesn't matter the very small minority of people get rich from Cryptos ….as long as they control the end game , toward a one world gov , and one fiat/crypto currency imposed on most people in the world , so they can block , blacklist, and control everyone. Also it was the perfect solution to the collapsing Petrodollar system ,since many countries withdrew from it, in midst of currency wars, it's also a solution to suck all those inflated Dollars with unlimited supply from not only the Americans but all people in the world who got into Cryptos …let's not forget we're not in a utopia , but in a dystopia , they won't let people just live freely …the end game is enslavement of all people of the world, with their control of currency , food, and energy …Crypto exchanges even helped feeding their facial recognition databases. Just like facebook did, and other Data giants , and let's not forget , the N S A can access any computer or device , since most data companies and hardware manufactures include back-doors…WannaCry for example was sourced from a vulnerability , Microsoft didn't patch on purpose (Source: Edward Snowden) . And guess what? Microsoft , with one world gov Bill Gates , promoted and backed many types of Crypto projects …"Bitcoin cannot be stopped" – the famous quote of Bill Gates , with a hand signal , appeared on youtube for most people for days during the 1st Bitcoin manufactured fomo of this year. The Banks media is pumping it even more everytime a certain price mark is reached, and the U.S Military back some cryptos as well, one of them Electroneum . PowerLedger is being backed by "Elon Musk" …in fact, those ICOs gave them liquidity and financing of their mega projects they wouldn't dream of, without the crypto space.
    Ok , bye for now , peace out.

  7. You're an awesome researcher Chris , keep singing ..you were singing Bob Marley…lol , I dunno why they were triggered but you shouldn't care.
    Thoughts on Altcoin.IO , and Bisq please. and what's your fav Fiat/Crypto card ?

  8. Changelly, yesterday took about 4 hours before it moved from "Waiting on Payment" to "Exchanging". Then another 4 hours before LTC dropped into my wallet. Prior to that, I made an exchange and it took every bit of 1 hour, if that. Seems the extended time has to do with any LTC exchanges with Changelly and Shapeshift. Both took about 12 hours with LTC exchanges.

  9. Your thoughts on the regulation bit at the end reminded me of gun control here in the US. A few bad actors screw it up for everyone else, even though a small percentage of gun owners are criminals. Pattern recognition.

  10. People are getting wise to GDAX and how to use their outtage to get ahead. Just wait for massive movement, when GDAX goes down, watch the price. It will slowly dip, when it comes back, it will bounce. BTFD

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