6 False Rumors about Bitcoin in 2018!

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  2. Peter our family got a bad stomach but so I didn’t reply via email

    Please give us your direct email

    Gregory Preiser my partners name. I will email you and cc him

    I bet he will donate more than the $100 monthly he is right now as well you guys should discuss. He is a huge fan and really believes in what you are doing

  3. Whatever is happening to bitcoin is good for its own future as its getting rid of those weak hands they don't belong to crypto anyway. Weak hands are threat to crypto world in many ways.. We want hodlers to make it massive bull run in future if we hodl it.

  4. The only rumor is that it's going to go up lol. According to how analyst have been predicting Bitcoin to rise, they have proved themselves to know nothing about it at all and nobody does. it's more likely to flatline just may take some time.

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