$50k Bitcoin in 2018? BitMex’s Arthur Hayes Prediction Explained

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  1. You gotta be stupid to believe Arthur specially if his going public an making a lot of noise. Arthur is clearly saying it will not go above 50k

  2. I really enjoy watching your show. Bit I'm disappointed with this episode. You did not play the prediction through. If you did, you'd see he said he doesnt care about the price but just the trading on his site.

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  4. We needed u last week Ellio! While u were busy sunbathing off the southern coast of St. Bart's with spider monkeys tripping on acid. The market had some serious FUD.

  5. Bitcoin might hit 10k by end of 2018. . . 50k?!? Not sure what his game is but I know for a fact he doesn't actually believe that. Hell will freeze over before Bitcoin hits 50k in 2018.

  6. Playa's like Arthur Hayes are good for the future of Bitcoin, until one day they are not. Let's keep our eyes on the ball–BTC adoption especially in 3rd world countries, minimum fees and increasing the transactions per second. The rest of it will come naturally.

  7. Thanks for the vid, glad you're back! Data Dash also made the $50k prediction, with a very good explanation of how it could happen, made a lot of sense. There really is a good possibility it could happen!

  8. This is just too much good news….you are going to change the meaning of FUD to “Faith, Understanding, and…….uh…….hmmmmm…….Don’t Give Up…..Don’t Ever Give Up” (Sorry, couldn’t think of a good ‘D’ word)

  9. I nearly collapsed with shock when I withdrew £200 from Bitmex and the costs at the time to transfer to another Bitcoin address was £50. No idea what their charges are now but haven't used them since.

  10. His prediction BTC will hit 50K , was a joke , like he said he meant to throw a number just like everybody else does , he was messing with them , go back and watch the whole video . His prediction is not based on anything , he explained that .

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