5 Data Points That Signal a Cryptocurrency Bubble

Following up from the last video I made about some of the intuitive signs of a potential crypto bubble, we’re now going to take a look at some of the more …


  1. Louis is it about time for a video where you share your current thoughts about iota? Are you still as bullish as stated many times already? Sirin Labs leaving for Ethereum, disputes among founders, Blackhat etc.. Is it the beginning of the end?

  2. Louis, What are your top 3 sites for crypto-news. I'm thinking sites like Toshi Times for example. The mainstreammedia is frankly not woth bothering with. Whadyathink?

  3. u realize this video will prevent another parabolic run, right? haha

    Anyways, all the indicators you show are one and the same, one cant happen if all arent happening…

    the parabolic runs happened several times in 2017, particularly when it reached 7K, it was a clear top with 10K resistance up there, yet it went to 20K… so "parabolic" felt pretty much all of 2017…

    steem the same, one could have shorted steem was 4-5-6, etc.

    same about 200 day average, one could consider a bubble at 2-4-5-6-7, it went to 9…

    google… well, that is gone, most people know about bitcoin now, youtube is the same, and coinbase is gone as most people already have accounts now…

    In sum, we all knew it was to much, but we all thought it could go higher and it consistently did, until it didn´t, the same will happen IF there is NEXT, IF…

    I enjoyed the video though, I know myself it take a lot of work to do them, thanks!!!

  4. Hey Louis. Thanks for uploading this great content. I’ve been investing for a years now but recently just into investing in crypto going in about 10 months roughly. We have very similar idea and thoughts when it comes to investing. This video however is very useful it’s much different than a lot of things I’ve heard or used in the past and quite honestly could be a very good indication of a bubble. Thanks for your insight and keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks dude, love your content. I'm glad I found you on Youtube, and thanks to you I've earned about 280 days worth of free steem from my steemit account, I say thanks to you because I discovered Steemit because of you. Thanks.

    Enjoy your last days in your current appartment, good luck with the move.

  6. The problem that people will have with selling after making good profit is getting caught in the moment and thinking about how much more profit they can make if they don't sell.

  7. Smashed it man 💥! Awesome points Louis!! The Mayer multiple is a fantastic guide for working out the true value of Bitcoin. Really brilliantly thought work as always dude 🙌! Have a blast in Australia 🇦🇺🚀 looking forwards to more vids soon ! 😃

  8. I think it's great that you are prepared to learn from mistakes and missed opportunities to have gotten out of your holding. However, you seem to be assuming another bull run. Perhaps you should keep an open mind on this also. I don't think we will see price of these coins rise so dramatically again. It was fun while it lasted but now it's over. Another bubble popped.

  9. I will miss that view!! But I’m sure you’re moving to a location with other great views! Thank you for the great analysis, always fun to see those because it will help in the future. Cheers!

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