4 Reasons Why Bitcoin is KING! – Jimmy Song

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  2. As a bitcoin proponent i have to take issue with the concept of a bug bounty in the billions. Anyone who would wish to steal wealth through hacking bitcoin will always do that on the user wallet end as the hacking of the network as a whole would eliminate the very value they would hope to steal. You cannot commit a 51% or any other type of whole of network hack to steal or produce fake coins and then sell them for money as the price will drop drastically and no one will be interested in buying the coins of the hacked network. The idea that the market cap of the bitcoin network as being a sum total bounty is flawed logic as that market cap is based on the per-supposition that the network is safe from hacking and that the coins cannot be inflated/double spent or forked via a 51% attack.

  3. "Every other cryptocurrency that came after Bitcoin has a founder or company behind it and those people exert greater influence over their coins than anyone else." Indeed Peter! So Charlie Lee sold all his LTC (or most of it anyway) exactly to mitigate this issue and all he got for it was hate.

  4. Although you can not disagree to Songs claims there is 1 point of interest that comes to mind:

    It's not about decentralizing 1 coin… Because then we get centralized around that 1 decentralized coin… and that's the "1 coin to rule them all" trap

    The crypto economy is so strong because we can create an economy of millions of coins all with their own use but with very hi and fast liquidity.

    In this economy the consumer being invested in all his nishes can keep his funds safe every time a big player jumps into one of it's pools.
    Take profit, sell off and buy in again when the market stabilizes…

    This will lead to redistribution of wealth…
    Not 1 decentralized coin… please…

  5. Bitcoin gets its innovations from litecoin. when litecoin merges with monero it will be the biggest competitor for bitcoin and the first one to atomic swap with all cryptos. It would be crazy to see that this year Litecoin is where bitcoin is at and EOS is where etheruem is at. It looks to be a possibility.

  6. For some reason, those guys with that South Korean heritage know wtf is up!! Jimmy Song down in Austin, Texas and Peter Saddington in Hot 'lanta!! Quality counts people. QUALITY.

  7. Is bitcoin quantum resistant? Is bitcoin anonymous? Bitcoin still isn’t ready for mass adoption… it’s not meant to be a store of wealth… it’s supposed to be a form of currency… so until a coin is able to succeed in mass adoption and increase transaction speed any crypto currency is still fair game to take bitcoins spot…
    I’m not gonna deny that bitcoin is not an innovative tech. It a beautiful coin that started this movement but I don’t believe it is going to be number one in the next decade…

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