3 Tips To Invest Like Warren Buffett

Warning: 7 days left to save $500 on my How To Invest Program Warren Buffett — one of the most-successful investors in the …


  1. Great video. I finally overcame my fear and started my youtube channel! If you like entrepreneurship then you will like it 😉

    I wouldn't have started without your videos so thank you!

  2. In the end you can’t sell happiness tai . You know it . Who exactly do you work for? Or who did you work for? ( because you’re becoming a thing of the past more and more each day) you deal in distractions . You try to sell the idea that things of monetary value will bring us happiness under the guise of saying that they’re just nice to have. You are nowhere nearly as intelligent as you think you are or you wouldn’t have burned out so fast , you wouldn’t be outside other peoples houses or property,talking about their wealth and how to achieve it . I would say that I think you are miserable but I honestly think you’re just a sociopath. Anyway, good luck 👍

  3. TAI LOPEZ, I AM GOING TO MEET YOU. AND WHEN I DO, ILL MAKE AT LEAST 50 million, just from what you’ve taught me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ll see you then.

  4. What about NPXS TAI? (pundiX) till end year every month 7% drop, got a real device already running! I think huge potential and its super cheap now 0.012$, any opinon on that?

  5. Tai, what if you are 10,11or 12 and you don't have permission or credit card to buy your stock what should you do? like me, I'm 11 and have no permission or a credit card. Also, my friends distract me tell is not how you do it but I tell them this”what do you know about it”.

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