3 Bitcoin Charts NOBODY Is Watching

3 Bitcoin Charts NOBODY Is Watching. Bitcoin has recently had a big correction or cryptocurrency crash, and it is very important to understand the big picture. Many people don’t know why we…


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  3. The Bitcoin trend may have been same for years, but the market is influenced by new factors: futures and Hashgraph being the 2.
    The real question lies with Blockchain and Hashgraph. Which platform will dominate? Centralised (Hashgraph) or decentralised (Bitcoin)?

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  5. This “prediction” based on charts is complete wrong! The opposite is happening. No one can predict what will happen. Charts in crypto are nonsense. Crypto is too volatile, charts don’t work !!

  6. it will start ,should start in march "you say this around the 12.20 mark" then you state the high will be in july …… fine , but whether its the start or the middle of march ,its not a good look at the 13 minute mark as you are stating these possibilities of bitcoin to be rising , you have "WILL BOTTOM 31st March t $3500" on the same screen , ??? maybe save any confusion among your subscribers and try not to cross visuals contradicting the predictions ,apart from that , I like your work and won't pull the sub…. yet !

  7. I like the discription on reading charts it's been something I been trying to figure out I don't think any one is right but if you have enough people like you that add to the good community than we can all win..like your point of view.. NEW SUB!! THANKS.

  8. the lower line on your falling wedge is not tight against any data point. try nudging it up to where it crosses several lower candlestick wicks for better accuracy

  9. hello steve.

    let me introduce myself i am Nick from holland.
    I am in to crypto for about 1 month now and i am gready to learn more about it.
    sow my question is do you give more lessons in march?

    id like to hear from you.

    Greetings Nick.

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