$250,000 Journey: Week 12 (2018) Stock and Cryptocurrency Picks

Week 12 of the $250 to $250000 Journey. Learn how to get started investing and becoming wealthy. ⚡Jam Bart’s Stock Picker: …


  1. Hey Jim, I hope you are doing fine. Thanks again for this week's video. I'm hyped with all stocks but a little concerned on Newell Brands. Time can only tell what will happen! I aso subscribed to your stock picker as i decided to give it a shot. Going to be searching some stocks starting next week to see where I go from here.

  2. Doesn't look like you've updated the portfolio spreadsheet. Looking forward to see how you're doing (with today's buys I'm at about 1/2% to the positive). My buys are usually made right after your video – thinking about your comment with regard to waiting until the last couple hours of trading but I would expect over time DCA would mostly eliminate any advantage of trying to time the buys during the day. I generally have been close to your prices in buys but especially with the crypto, volatility impacts purchase price a lot as I have to buy with BTC (using Binance) and so have two coins' volatility working over the time you make your buys vs when I can.

  3. Another great video been here since week one and enjoying the journey.

    Just a quick note you have documented Kraft Heinz Company as FAF in short terms but should be KHC. Just a heads up.

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