21 Rules to Trading Crypto Like a Pro Part 2

Part 2 to my 21 Rules to Trading Crypto Like a Pro. For the FREE cheat sheet, go to To get a 14 day trial for our VIP group for only $7, go to


  1. Don’t over trade / over manage your portfolio. That is fantastic advice, and has been one of the biggest issues I struggled with along the way.

  2. Real words of wisdom Jacob. One issue I'm uncertain about is how to protect positions that are off exchange. Many people say your coins are not really safe on the exchange, but taking them off eliminates your stop loss option. And it takes time to get them back on if you need to trade. Kind of tricky.

  3. Do somebody keep an eye on ICO TELEGRAM? In March there was a closed pre-sale for large ivestors. And some of these days started public tokens auction, so they have already sold over 85% of tokens on tokentelegram. net

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