2019 Crypto BULL MARKET? – The Possibilities Are ENDLESS!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2019 as we enter a new year ready to …









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  2. well said on the value being subjective. in terms of human factor. you will need time and attention/focus to get value. thought and love falls into that equation.

    keep going! you are making a difference!

  3. 18:15 More to the point of Hashgraph; it is not a company so cannot be trademark or copyrighted. It is an algorithm which currently exist in 2 formats, one controlled by Swirlds (private) and one offered by Hedera (public)

    It is also not a chain and thus unique in the space. As for the patent (pretty sure that was the word you were looking for), this is to prevent forking, the patent is not held by a single entity but supervised by a decentralized group of members which no single entity control more than 2.56% of the network changes which can only occur if the majority agrees and where its members can only serve a maximum of a 6 year term. A panel of expert while remaining truly decentralized. As you cited, Bitcoin had a pool at 20% and there is nothing allowing a chance to that pool to rotate to someone else after 6 years.

    In terms of a crypto currency, you won't find a more solid team that actually cares for its future. Their vision inspired over 110+ dApps to be developed for the platform and are currently waiting for the main net to go live in Q1-Q2 2019.

    I would even be bold to argue that from an investor point of view, you only have 2 choices, go for something that will never fork and thus never devalue, or go for one of the 2000 cryptos that are open source and can fork at anytime and thus endlessly. They have no competition (unique in their space), great team, great product, awesome algo; where do you think smart investors are going to put their money, on Hashgraph or 1 of the 2000 coins?

    On a side note, I only scrubbed the surface of what Hedera Hashgraph has to offer for developers/businesses/consumers, if you believe education is important, AMA.

  4. Silver can be imitated for industrial use now in China and will be improved for manufacturing in the not too distant future. Footnote ZeroHedge news. Young people like convenience that Bitcoin brings. A young person age 26 told me why would I collect gold and silver for exchange. What are we, "Pirates"?

  5. Xrp is just technology. It's purpose is to provide liquidity to the global banking system which it so desperately needs. Xrp's value will largely be equal to the demand for liquidity, which is a good thing.

    Liquidity allows bubbles to deflate instead of collapsing.. it has its place, it solves a big problem.

  6. Blockchain =Maybe…Cryptos= NO ….No Gov will ever allow any form of money that is not fully controlled by them..EVER!…Barter Society Incoming!! Prepare for such scenario !

  7. Half an hour of "if you don't value literally nothing, you just don't get crypto" without actually explaining anything about the inner workings of crypto. Like this, look. I will explain using LOGIC why GOLD will always be valuable. Read;

    Gold has been valuable to societies all over the earth for 1000s of years. This reason alone makes gold valuable – because it has 1000s of years of reliability. There were no iPhones or tech in medieval times yet gold was valuable. As long as the aristocracy values gold – its valuable.

    Money HAS TO BE:
    >Intrinsically valuable

    time and time again people try to replace real money with something else and it fails every time, and what are those people forced to revert back to? GOLD
    Gold is the ONLY substance (along with silver) that has ALL the properties needed and meets all the requirements to be defined as money.

    It is these properties that give gold INTRINSIC value.

  8. Two year bear market!!!! Do your own research and you'll find out why, the rest is just cheap opinions and speculations. Bitcoin will drop even further, before it ever goes up, if it ever will. All people I know mining and dealing with bitcoins have already pulled out of the market (late 2017) and made a lot of money, unfortunately only the hodlers seem to be thinking they can still benefit from their strategy

  9. Ignore the spammers who don't know what they're talking about. "Troll comments!" :p
    I love how you compare it to love and thought. Jokes aside about those who don't think, love is different for everyone. My love has greater value to Frank than it does to my neighbour. So I suppose Crypto and gold and silver will have more or less value to different people, but we cannot dismiss its value just because it has less for us than it does to someone else. Crypto has more value to me than gold and silver, which in turn has more value than fiat. To tohers it's the other way around. Same way, my neighbour's love has more value to his wife than it does to me, but it does not make his love any less than my love. Therefore, crypto, even if it holds less value to some, does not mean it has any less value overall. It simply is not a tangible value.
    Oh, and your videos have great value to me 😀

  10. You guys should BOT be promoting crypto token instances. You do not know the space of the people.
    – EOS specifically should not be promoted. Dan Larimer (developer) has failed on all crypto token projects, yet he pockets the money and moves to repeat: Bitshares, SteenIt, EOS.
    – Brock Pierce et al are behind EOS. They own the failed Noble Bank which has a remarkable relationship with EOS.
    – Google Brock Pierce’s history. Not good.
    – EOS’s 21 super nodes are not de-centralized… and are closely held by Pierce’s friends.

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