2018’s Biggest Cryptocurrency WINNER! (TRAVELBLOCK)



  1. Da fuck!You're dragging this ICO down with this video dude and they fucked up coming to you for a review.Seriously, I had interest in it until..I saw you.God bless but you;re not trustworthy .Hahah

  2. lol wtf happened to you hahah. I was just talking to a friend about drug related youtubers that made me want to quit drugs and I was looking for your channel. Turns out you just changed your channel into a crypto channel, now I want to quit crypto.

  3. I've read the white paper and it is nonsense. Anyone "price conscious" can book direct with suppliers and the 10 "top end" room suppliers are listed! People who book at the top end of the market are not bothered about a few dollars here and there, in fact from experience they are too lazy to book themselves and you end up with 4th party bookings. I have spent 15 years dealing with hotel agents in the UK and if your project was to enable "all" providers to market on the block chain thereby freeing them from the 15%-25% commission strangle hold that bookings.com, Expedia etc have over 95% of the market then I would have been in for sure! I hope i'm wrong and wish you success though

  4. But in all seriousness It has been amazing to watch this channel grow from what is was (hippie talking about drugs and other controversial content) to what it is now, a person who has created success through hardwork and commitment. I love your channel and wish all the best for you and the channels you run.

  5. Hey AVI love the channel. I have been watching your channel for a short time and I understand them but my question is being in the UK where is the best and cheapest place to buy bitcoin?  Hope to hear back from you. Thanks…

  6. Yo can you do a video on neurotin (gabapentin)? I've recently been offered some and would like to know if you have any experience with it because I love you.

  7. dang you are the "Marketing & blockchain Advisor" of TravelBlock? If it takes off congrats. by the look of it all the currency is already generated so if it takes off you should be sitting pretty good being one of the founders and all xD

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