2018: Things To Come for Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

Join Mike Maloney for his latest report on what he expects for 2018. Bitcoin, stocks, gold and silver are all covered in this in-depth look at today’s financial climate…st…


  1. 18:16 – "It´s better to turn cautious too soon than too late."
    – "Too" is negative in both ways equally.
    If you´re too stupid to get a certain job, or too intelligent, either way the outcome is:
    you didn´t get employed.

  2. I just found this commentary 2/9/18. My Amateurish chart reading put me in cash on 1/29 and 1/30/2018. If I heard him earlier I would have gone more heavily into pts and inverse etfs. I'm waiting for 22500 if its gets there

  3. I think Mike and I are about the same age. I started watching how this Market was performing about 86’. Right now I see Market Performance to be wildly different in its Historical Past. While watching VIX tip 115% 50.00 + we should have seen the DOW down several 1000. Then the Plunge Protection Team kicked in strong to beat it back to 1200. Today I witness the Market down 1032. VIX at 33.5 . Good Luck out there, I personally started my own Retirement program in 76’. And Mike it’s still the same program your suggesting. I feel vindicated over 43 years now even in bad times.

  4. Mike`s an asshole. He`s been so wrong, so many times. Only an idiot would buy gold and silver when the banksters suppress them at will = with no end in sight. Maloney`s just a pusher and god damn the pusher man.

  5. My uncle said under President Trump everything is gonna be OK because he is going to make America great again. He said previous US presidents didn't know the stock market better than Trump. When you worry too much you won't get good sleep.

  6. The road looks like it’s ending. The last huge drop could be the beginning. I’ve been waiting over a year and got out last January. I got out early, but better to be early than late.

  7. just because the stock market corrects or crashes, does not mean metals will go up.  they'll likely crash too due to overall deflation ( stocks, metals, everything, etc)

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  9. if we enter on that kind of crisis, what makes you think cryptos are a good hedge? I can imagine people taking money out of cryptos to use regular fiat, because lots of people are even mortgaging their houses… Why is not a good hedge position to just take your money out of investments and wait for a year? I'm even thinking to do it myself. Just a novice question I guess.

  10. Mike's Fan for years now, only thing I see is that you being a gold & silver dealer, there might be a conflict of interests. I've seen my investment in silver gone nowhere in the last 3 years!!! still, I hold.

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