2018 Crash in the Dollar, Stocks, Oil & Bitcoin? Dale Pinkert Explains (and Sings…)

2018 Crash in the Dollar, Stocks, Oil & Bitcoin? Dale Pinkert Explains (and Sings…) Visit Dale Pinkert and his team at ForexAnalytix.com and on Twitter at


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  2. just started Forex thank you for posting this. like any diligent person I have found significant conflicts of interest in most of the videos here mostly posted by people with IB contracts. I do not plan on ending up like the 90% of new Forex traders so thanks for providing us with some valid info. its much appreciated by anyone with a brain. =)

  3. Some good points. If you're calling for a positive return on the market this year, you're saying that the bull market will be the longest in history. I think the tax cuts can have enough short-term momentum to help make that happen but there are a lot of factors that could derail the market. The Fed has increased rates five times and plans another three this year. Historically, it's taken six months for higher rates to start weighing on the economy so the combined effect of many of those increases will start limiting growth. We're finally seeing wage inflation, which is a good thing but will also start eating into corporate profit margins. The effect of corporate profit repatriation and other impulses from the tax cut should be enough to support the market for this year but I'd start hedging towards the end of 2018.

  4. This gentleman's suggestion that Donald Trump was possibly working behind the scenes to manipulate the dollar lower makes little sense to me. Really? Donald Trump is that smart? When people say things like that it brings the other things they say into question in my mind. People think that being a Republican means to support Donald Trump no matter what. There is zero evidence that Donald Trump had any clue vis a vis the dollar. It was inevitable that the dollar move lower after the huge rally of past years. I think if you were to ask Donald Trump he would immediately support a strong dollar from basic Patriotic grounds. I do like the fact that he sung a song. That is brave and amusing.

  5. Excellent video. First lower lows have to form then pullback then correction then bear market then crash. Everyone talks about next the next crash. Pullback & correction are healthy as they take excess value out. Longest up move in history of S&P without 3% pullback and about to break record without 5% pullback. Love records be broken.

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