1. Hey Jack great video as always. Quick question, what is the maximum amount you would ever day trade with. All I can think about is compound interest and the sky’s the limit if I just keep making % gains every week. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jack, regarding your Trade Calls wondering how frequently you announce them, and what is the typical length of time for these trades, are they an hour or so, or days long? Also, what would be the average amount of time that you give people before they'd be expected to jump in on any given trade, do people need to jump on it ASAP or it there a good amount of setup time before the trade? Thanks

  3. So my binance profile has a very little amount of coins, Basically just some BNB. I'm currently sending Bitcoin from my Ledger to Binance just to do one day trade profit and then send it back on over to the Ledger. Is this a bad decision due to fees? I don't want to hold a lot of Bitcoin there because it's not secure. Help please!

  4. another great video Jack…… Quick question — Is there a "optimum time" in the day to trade ? when looking on Trading View 6:30am on their time scale seems to be a good point to start. I am an Englishman in Australia so time zones are really effecting my best judgement..

  5. May someone please explain Binance's exchange? I'm looking to begin my profile but I'm not sure whether to exchange using Binance or Coinbase. Binance states that there is a 50% reduction on fees using their BNB coin however I'm still confused on the usage of it.

    So lets say I BNB's value is $13 and BTC's value is $8300. I want to make a good $1000 investment or addition to my BTC balance with reduced fees. So, do I buy 1000$ worth of BNB and then exchange that BNB to BTC for a discounted fee exchange or is it the other way around (exchange $1000 worth of BTC into BNB)?

    I am aware that BNB's "50%" discount is not actually a complete 50% fee discount

  6. I also did some 5-7% gains each of the last few days, althought nothing too crazy as I'm not investing a lot of cash with each trade. But anyway, feels good to make even a small profit after this bear market.

  7. Hello crypto Jack. Thanks for the content. I recently heard that EOS was having an AirDrop soon and prices could crash. Now this source I heard this from is supposedly a credited source, although I still question. I also was paying for a VIP group that’s double your price but I feel you give way more value from your free vids then their paid group. I’m about to cancel with them and sign with you!!! Thanks again.

  8. Glad to see you are having some great trades the mo mate. I know I have said a few times I will get that email over to you but I have been flat out busy. My little girl is really unwell at mo so back and forth to hospitals. As soon as this is all sorted and she is well I will fire it over to you.

    I honestly think it could be a great idea for your channel and would see immense results for you and would be a huge benefit for me and others too.

  9. Love your channel Jack, tons of great info. I'm relatively new to crypto so I just have one question about this video. How would you factor in your initial investment into EOS? This seems like a really good trading strategy but you would need to have patience and really understand the technical analysis of crypto. You make it look so easy, I just wonder if I'm missing something? Thanks for the vids man, I always look forward to the next one.

  10. Jack, can you possibly do a vid on explaining Market, Limit, Stop buy and sell orders? I'm really having a hard time understanding some of that, I mostly do market orders on GDAX, but I was trying to see how to place pre-orders and waiting for it to drop then triggers buy, also placing sells higher and when price goes up 5-10% it would sell automatically if I'm sleeping or at work etc…

  11. Hey Jack, thanks for the video, I definitely would like more about trading results and live trading videos. I also find your trading calls really interesting but am quite new to the cryptomarket and have no trading experience. I was wondering if it is possible to set up trade after a trading call without having to watch the charts for hours (hard to do in a work week). Let's say I buy in when your trading call comes in, set my stop loss and set my sell order at the beginning of the profit zone (to play it safe). Could that work and would you rather watch the charts and put the sell order in live, when a certain profit is reached?

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