2000 Crore Scam by Bitcoin India | Sykem Ramakrishna Reddy | Sneha TV Telugu

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  1. Viewers please be AWARE this FAKE NEWS….. It’s 100% fake news about Bitcoin India, as everyone can see our website ( http://www.Bitcoin-India.Org ) is ONLINE and running successfully.

    Dear Channel, before you repeatedly publishing FALSE news for the purpose of your channel TRP ratings, it’s minimum common sense to check whether the site that you are talking about is online or not, not just to blindly to publish FAKE NEWS to fool the people.

    And, here you can find the time-to-time updates   https://bitcoin-india.org/press_releases , more updates you can find in our mobile app “notifications” area as well.

    However, for your kind information, Bitcoin is a regulated product (the countries who issue license to run a Bitcoin exchange) in 32+ countries https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_bitcoin_by_country_or_territory

    Also, Bitcoin can be bought at Stock market in USA with CME Group, which is the world's leading and most diverse "Chicago-based derivatives exchange operator" approved by the US Govt. CME Bitcoin Futures Price gone above US$20,000 in First Day Trading.


    It’s true that, we are the one and only platform providing many digital assets & different services under one umbrella. And, due to recent unexpected user growth that is driven by soaring demand in Asia to buy/sell digital assets, which lead us to get huge number of support tickets all of sudden, we are currently experiencing delays resolving support tickets. Our team is working through these tickets as quickly as possible and we are adding additional resources to get through the backlog. Thank you!!

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