20 Stocks To Watch in 2018

Today we do a very special stocks to watch in 2018 video called 20 stocks to watch for 2018! 2018 is shaping up like it could be a solid year for the stock market …


  1. Hi Jeremy. I have watched most of your video. You said you are a long-term investor and I do agree long-term investing gets better return and it's what I'm going to study hard for it, just like you. But what if one day I see a company news that will definately damage the company price. For example, Apple got involved in law-suit because of phone battery issue. And if I just got the Apple stock for a couple month, then I see the news, will you sell them after you see the news? If so, that makes the investment categories in short-term investment which result in higher taxes return once I sell it. What would you do?

  2. In my opinion First Solar (FSLR) is the strongest player in the solar industry. Aside from some asian producers (Maybe?), I'm not quite comfortable investing in non western countries. FSLR has strong financials: Debt/Equity 0.06, EPS 4.19, P/E 13.25. They show great stamina by skipping their series 5 panels and waiting for r/d to finish their series 6 panels. The decision to take the sunken costs for a loss and not exploiting series 5 panels thus not creating revenue is difficult to justify. They are up 110% over 2017. I dont think a company with this much cash will get into problems soon, opinions?

  3. Y’all need to look at DIs,and 21 century Fox A share’s for this year and also look how good tractor supply company When you look at the fundamentals on the Stocks they fell back but now the markets of Wall Street are loving them now just my opinion and the balance sheets are great

  4. AMD will benefit huge from the ~recent Intel's news about the security issues in their CPUs from the last 20 years, which AMD seems to be safe from, that was a huge negative PR blast for Intel and probably their sales are gonna hurt badly until their next CPU gen.

  5. I am going to watch the rest and then comment again, but at 1:06 and paused now. Jensen Huang is also on the front cover of Fortune Mag in December. Do you make it a habit to invest in companies that are up over 100% in 1 year? If so, why not recommend Tesla? (Oh wait! LMFAO! You ended up recommending them!?!?! WTF! I was joking! That's a terrible recommendation!) Just seems a little irresponsible. Also, maybe since the overall market is on a 5 year winning streak, preface all this by saying that there is bound to be some stocks that won't perform well due to market cycles. That being said, I do like the company and parts of it, but at these levels, I am not sure about it, but like you, I will wait and see.

  6. All of my stocks are on the list – AAPL, FB, HD, and NVDA. I was thinking of NFLX, but was hesitant. Wished I would have gotten in again at around 186. It has dropped several times once it hit a strong high, so maybe I was wise, given the high it is at now.

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