$2.4 TRILLION Dollar Asset Manager Fidelity Investments is Entering Crypto? – Today’s Crypto News

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  1. Funny how when this space was coming into the light of things, Bill Gates and his cronies said that this is the paradigm shift in wealth. Since then Governments from all around the globe have been manipulating the markets so the wealthy smucks can get their positions. Now they have the market running sideways its like a ticking bomb. Ready to explode when they give the Que. The low income class and the middle class better wake up and get on the this tsunami flow of fiat that is fixing to get injected into this space. For when this happens it will be like over night. Then everyone will be making videos about how they missed the boat. As I type 1% of a Bitcoin is $76.50. That equates to $500.00 dollars when it hits $50,000.00. This is not financial advise people. Just saying. READ BETWEEN THE LINES…….

  2. Listen up if you haven't looked at ORI yet then I'm doing you a favor. Protocol for creating marketplaces with a working product and established customers already. Only 1 million marketcap and nobody knows about it yet. Why hope something that has hundred of millions in marketcap becomes the next ETH when you can go 100x on an unknown gem. Even trashcan coins have 10x this marketcap for no reason. Get this on IDEX before more people find out about it.

  3. In CNBC interview he said ICOs are security, not cryptocurrency. The article is misguiding. Cryptocurrency is a broad term. The author should know the difference between an ICO and cryptocurrency.

  4. Can you stop stating 'buy' and taking a pause every single time rather than just saying a simple 'by' in every video? It gets extremely annoying.

  5. Securities rule make the rich get richer and any one that dose not have a million dollars to be a accredited investor poor. Way to go big government how about you let me decide how I invest my money whether it’s risky or not

  6. Mass adoption is key to any crypto's success. Education is key to mass adoption. With interest rates starting to climb, international banks and governments, especially in the EU, are going to feel the pressure relating to the cost of servicing debt. Tough times ahead for fiat for sure ! Help spread mass adoption and support for your crypto favorite by visiting CryptoCivvies.com and proudly wear the crypto message ! Visit our Pop Culture and Watch & Jewelry sections too ! Fun Stuff !

  7. Interview yesterday with SEC chairman concerning classification of crypto currency. Listen to it very closely and list the coins that you feel are 100% not securities based on his definition. Now there is no mention of utility tokens everyone love to tout as a reason their favorite project will not be deemed a security. He is talking about currencies only at this point are out of the woods. Ethereum May get a pass. Most security tokens will be considered currency. Dash unfortunately will probably be a security based on passive income with staking. Thoughts??

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