1kw DIY PowerWall affordable 18650 build project (2018)

Parts List: Solar Charge controller – Bi directional Meter – Uninterruptible Power …


  1. So 3.7v cells are so much cheaper than 3.2v, and I want to build a 12.8v, ~150ah lead acid replacement battery for an RV house battery bank. Is it possible to use a BMS to control voltage of ~100 3.7v cells, to get 12.8v nominal? Also are large prismatics ok to build (4S) into 12.8v deep cycle banks? Thanks

  2. I just want to point out, for wires and fuses, feel free to look at car junkyards for them. you can get thick wires from off the battery, starter, etc for parts of the project, and fuses come in a large variety of amperages, and coming from a junkyard they can sometimes be sold for pennies on the dollar

  3. @jehugarcia, if I have a s#!t ton of 1100, 1200 and 1300 mah batts, and I wanted to put them all together into one 12v batt, would it be better if I put all the 1100 batts into one cell, 1200 into another and 1300 into last and just make sure all their accumulated mah equal each other (so, obviously I would have more of the 1100 single cells, a little less of the 1200 and less quantity of the 1300) OR would it be better if I mixed them and tried to make their accumulated mah be equal in each final mixed cell (and then do my best not to fully drain and fully charge…? does that make sense?

  4. Great video.   Living   retired to Portugal  it is like being marooned on an island with no chance of sourcing all of the goodies needed for this super project . Watching your video    you seem to be able to magic battery modules and all of the relevant parts   .  Thank you for your suppliers list.  it is just what I need .

  5. If my electricity goes down because of natural disaster, how long will this 1kw last if I were to use 1kw worth of household stuff? Will it last 1 hour if I were to use all the 1kw?

  6. I feel like your Tesla power wall build was more powerful and longer lasting not to mention cheaper to build. It came to 4.4 kw. Why’d you use these more expensive components on this one?

  7. Okay, I got how to build a powerwall but still don't know how to use the charged electric power. I have 8pm to 6am free electricity plan from green mountain energy. charge it on the night time and spend it on daytime. I know It's too much to run A/C, heaters, or Microwaves but all others like PC, Fridge, whole 2-bedroom apartment Lighting. I want to know how to switch between the company power plant transmission line to this powerwall. hopefully, the system automatically manages power source.

  8. That's a lot of $$$ for only 40 amp hours. I can do 110 amp hours with sealed lead acid batteries for that price. It's not like weight matters in this scenario. And properly charged and maintained they will last at least 10 years. I do like the lithium but for the price it's just still too high.

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  10. Isn't this a bit expensive? I thought the 10kWh Tesla power wall was 3500USD. That's 350USD per kWh vs 1008USD per kWh. I might be mistaken but aren't these supposed to cost less? Again, I might be mistaken.

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