$15 Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market!

Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market! Bitcoin is down again! But why are the volume of BTC transactions increasing? While what we see in front of …


  1. $15 Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market! Bitcoin is down again! But why are the volume of BTC transactions increasing? While what we see in front of us may be a little scary, its the things we aren't paying attention too in the background that should reassure us with Bitcoin.

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  2. The billionaire whales are shorting Bitcoin to $1000. Bitcoin has a long way to that level. Bitcoin will be the last coin available. Then the stock market investors will buy into it.

  3. Mr K, the Whales Giveth and Taketh Away, any time they choose.
    Paper Futures contracts, Bitmex shorts, Derivatives manipulation.
    Been a Roller Coaster Ride since buying BTC in 2011. What if 1 out of 2
    $ Millionaires bought 1 BTC to hold/not trade? 18,000,000 there. Price?

  4. I just don't understand one thing…
    Why is cripto valued in a financial sistem (dolar) which is supposed to replace???
    Shouldn't it be is valuation compared with its peers (cryptos) .
    When you valuate crypto with current currency's you justifying the the existence of what you want to destroy.

    Maybe it's just me being old fashioned by thinking cryptos are actually just another Ponzi scheme.

  5. The last pump started off with one of those fast inorganic bart Simpson spike as well. I'd love some slow steady sustainable growth. But I know traders love volatility

  6. The only way I could ever trust the validity of the price moves on Bitcoin would be to sit in every crypto exchange at any given time to see if all orders are real. We will never know.

  7. The crypto market is on life support. I estimate total market cap will be at $70 billion by the fall at the latest. Who’d of thunk crypto kitties would be the hallmark of this short lived and failed experiment? XRP might be the only coin used in 10 years.

  8. I know it's going to come. It can take 2 years. The only thing I really not like is that I could have had 10 x more coins for the same amount of money. Maybe I'm too greedy:))

    Be patient and block the emotion,but that's what nature not give to people at birth.

  9. Still holding and hoping, doing what many have done in the past,…looking at news articles and whose saying this and whose saying that…..that never drives price movement of a financial instrument….bitcoin shot up in lat 2016 and 2017 without news….so why do people think that looking at news and analyst views will determine the value of bitcoin….this is not a investment like a company driven assets or portfolio of services which have million dollars in sales, bitcoin is a speculative investment with many so called unproven use cases which still need to be adopted and make proven sales…..that can take years to do, so ae you willing to hold for years untill you can double your money? You can only win if you know and master technical analysis……I short sold bitcoin yesterday and made money and I wont be surprised if bitcoin keeps dropping to test is yearly lows….

  10. The final two minutes you spoke some very cogent words of wisdom. The market is being manipulated by a few large whales who are pumping and dumping and you can see it on the charts AFTER THE FACT. It looks like a Bart Simpson head with the red going straight up with a candle to the left then the price action up and down for the crew cut for a week or so and then back down the way we came up on the right side straight down. The funny thing is many of these clowns that chart claim they called the $8 or $9 billion dollar bottom dropping out of the market. They did not…you cannot call something like that…it is just a whale dumping and these crosses and other things do not occur until they dump. Then you get the RSI going really low (ETH was 8) and the bounce from that which lasts half a day…text book whale pump and dump.

    And now the media will play it up and say this is bad news for BTC and it means it is going lower and possibly to 2500. BS…it was a whale pumping and dumping.

    Just hold or get on a site where you can put in good stop losses into USD coin or USD or Tru USD. Whatever it is make sure you can convert to fiat or back.

  11. This is payback for that proof of ownership day. Nobody is selling Bitcoin at this price and I know the order books would be buying the coins at a lower prices. I bought some more. Thanks you for your video

  12. its been tough Im in it for the long hall but fully expected a small bounce too at least 5k to pull a little profits out . But I guess the big dogs want too knock it down some more

  13. Organic? What does that mean when it comes to BTC/Alts/Cryptos?
    Danger Will Robertson, every market is down, so what? Batten down the hatches & weather the storm.
    I'm in battle mode, so, thro a shot down2 bolster u courage, take a deep breath, calm urself.
    And if/when u have to shoot, make it count.
    Kind regards…

  14. This correction has only shown me that this elliot wave 2 we are finishing up is textbook. The wave 3 is the most powerful elliot wave.when this correction is over hold on to your mining rigs people. we will break 20k,then all the people bashing bitcoin right now will jump in and take us above 50k.they will wish they would've got in at 3500

  15. XRP will have a market cap in the hundreds of trillions. Even a few hundred dollars invested will turn into millions in a few years.. There will be trillionaires.

    Every one has to have xrp in their portfolio.

  16. Maybe a statement from Snaglepuss like, "Heavens to Murgatrodyd" are a little Schleprock" Wowzie, Wowzie, Woo Woo" might sum up things just fine. Wow, did I just carbon date myself…Wowzie, Wowzie Woo Woo……………

  17. Your blithe assurances aside, it’s clear the market is totally manipulated and crypto is not an alternative force for freedom from centralized banks! Just another arena for parasitic trading, not financial freedom 🙁

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