$100 A Day Trading Alt-Coins on Binance / KuCoin (Beginner Tutorial)

A Day Trading Alt-Coins on Binance / KuCoin (Beginner Tutorial) JOIN THE GROUP: This tutorial will show you …


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  3. Thanks man, I would really like to see some more of your methods because I like how you explain stuff like the indicators, most people teaching this stuff for free thinks, well if they don't know what a bulgier band is they better look it up but you take the time and explain a lot of the stuff so keep rocking those Technik's and paying it forward just like your doing!!!!
    Godspeed to ya you Naughty nice guy.

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  5. Question? It says on Kucoin that each trade has a 0.1% fee which I'm interpreting as 10%. So does that mean each time you trade you're losing 10%? I feel like I'm missing something here.

  6. I appreciate that you spend the extra few breaths on including words that extensively clarify the thought.What's your opinion about SciDex? I've been following them for a while now !!

  7. My brain keeps an internal battle between hodling and compulsive trading.. lol I did find a cool tool to help me manage risk when the Trading side wins, and i can place a stop loss and a take profit simultaneously. It supports the main exchanges too! It's called 3commas, and it's really cool. Check out a video on my channel explaining how it works. And feel free to use my referral if you find it useful 🙂 https://3commas.io/?c=fn

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  9. For those curious the Bollinger Bands is a volatility indicator. Very wide bands means high volatility or lots of price action and low width mean low volatility and little price action. The bands are calculated as a 2 standard deviation of the moving average of the price. 90% of the time the price will oscillate in between the bands.

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