$1 Trillion Market Cap after Consensus 2018? Goldman Sachs All-In

Cryptocurrency News Daily with Crypto Love. Today: Is a $1.053 Trillion Dollar Market Cap Possible after Consensus 2018? Blockchain Week in NYC could …


  1. 11;37 BOA filing crypto related patents? Um, no! This is not right! This is not their space! How about BOA continue to do what they are best at, (overdraft fees, and sucking di*k) and we continue our work?! The government closed the patent office because BOA defund it. REMEMBER? GOVERNMENT CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT, REMEMBER?? PFFT, BOA! Get out!

  2. everyone asked for "big money" to enter the crypto space and I guess you get what you ask for…..a shitty market favoring the wealthy JUST like the traditional markets. congratulations

  3. I think we all want this week to spark a bull run, but even if we get a ton of newbies in, it will take a little while for them to get in and get comfy. I think over the next few weeks though…..gains will be made, my friend. Many gains 😊🙏💖

  4. checkout hexx! privacy coin with masternodes, cpumining(gpu/asic resistant), low inflation, fast transactions, hard working devs and forking with btc q3 2018!
    first coin to fix zerocoin bug!

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