🔸 Energi / NRG 🔸Cryptocurrency for Mass Adoption

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  1. If anybody is interested in purchasing a NRG masternode, feel free to shoot me a message. I have direct links to the team and to people who can you set up your masternode. The purchase will be done on an exchange so you don't have to worry about sending funds to an unknown source.

  2. Hi Chris please have a look….
    OWN (CHX) is security offering platform…they just launched world first decentralised share market registration platform….upcoming main net and master node….low total supply…very low market cap project

  3. Any idea how to mine it? Cause I've lost my ass from the masternode I bought. 2 grand worth of Innova coin is worth 70 bucks now lol. And I have 4 Innova masternodes. If that tells ya how screwed I am 😪

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