🔴 What’s Good For Gold In 2018 May Be Bad For Bitcoin

Peter Schiff talks about his 2018 outlook on gold, dollar, inflation, tax cuts, and interest rates on RT Boom Bust with Bianca Facchinei December 20th 2017. Open your Goldmoney account today:…


  1. Time to hang it up Pete. Pms are dead money. Maybe it might go up one day, but with an increasing digital revolution, never mind the manipulation, I just don't see it. People have lost tons of money or have missed great opportunities with this guy. Results matter.

  2. Unfortunately, Peter was not entirely wrong… Think about it. Every BTC purchased need to be approved. The shift of +55% in 24 hrs is close to impossible (-35% to +20%). In order to get that many approvals, so fast, the BTC market would have needed to be working 5000 times more in 3 times less time. My uneducated take on it is that 'we' are being played. That the platform is an attractive concept, controled by some who can self approve thousands of transactions at a click. So, no, sadly, I dont care if it climbs up to 10 million a bitcoin if behind it is a massive system to get your identity (When you register to the platform and link your bank account). Today, you need to pay 1usd by contact detail for Marketing purposes. With the BTC platform, people are giving their identities by the millions, including their passport and bank details. And lets not forget that your passport is worth 5k to 15k USD. The actual average price of BTC. Just buy property instead. Or invest in self education in doing what you want for work. Much better long term ROI.

  3. The thing is cryptocurrency is uncharted territory and it has captured the imagination of not only investors but its creating new investors because its new and trendy. It's the banks getting the rug pulled from under them. #NOMOREBAILOUTS

  4. Peter, as much as I respect you and your knowledge about markets you are missing one key point. Crypto may be a bubble and may see quite a retraction should the bubble pop, but if fiats begin to tank, and pensions begin to default, Gold and crypto will explode together. Because at the end of the day, when people are hungry chicken is just as darn good as roast. The banks are not positioning themselves for a gold rally they are trialing cryptocurrency. Unless we go back into the stone age, Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and gold will be tied directly to bitcoin, or Fedcoin, or whatever coin. Centralized or not it is here to stay.

  5. Gold could end the year slightly under $2,000 an ounce? Bitcoin won't finish the year under $50,000. What's the better investment? Gold buyers can't even dream of getting my crypto returns.

  6. Many bitcoin donkeys say , oh Venezuela use bitcoin , well bitcoin falls almost 50% in value therefor it’s no substitute to a fiat currency, more over bitcoin can’t be used for daily small purchases. $10 pizza for $80 if you want to pay with bitcoin. Bitcoin has no real use except for speculation by donkeys that it will keep rising in value. I will be very happy to see people lost money in this stupid scam, they deserve it.

  7. Most gold is traded digitally, the trust system in place is corrupted by large private entities that leverage it to their interests. It should be valued a lot higher if not for the manipulation. Gold gaining large sums of value in a few years? Probable, but unlikely.

  8. The FED id secretly pumping Bitcoin to hold a sell of kill switch that will allow them to destroy it at any time….meanwhile, capital that might find it's way into Gold, is going to Bitcoin instead… gold isn't being manipulated, it's the brains of speculators that are being manipulated

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