1. keep your rigs running!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE 24 HOUR LIVE CHANNELS !!!!!!! There is more to mining than plug in and hash up!!! Im learning that there is more than just getting your coins in the bag. Trading and getting in on a green candle is something I'm trying to learn. I make sure to cover the electric every month so those rigs can hash, hash, hash. OC settings are more important now than ever and make sure your power limit settings are dialed in!!!

  2. Hi Seth, just posted on the ravencoin telegram and Bianca_NL (who says they know you?) if you get in touch with Chatturga on telegram or discord then im sure they will sort something out with Raven 🙂 would love to get your take on it, ive been mining RVN solid for last 4 months and personally have big hopes for the project.

  3. I get SMH when I try to explain to ppl that turning your rigs off bc it's not profitable is stupid.
    EXEPT if you sell the same day you mine.
    If you hodl, everything you mined in the past and not sell is worth just as much as what you mine today.
    In most cases, you are even getting better yields (block rewards) when people mine 'at a loss' because of the reduced competition and/or difficulty.

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