📈 Markets Up!!! BEWARE: Bull Trap or BREAKOUT?!? Bitcoin ETF NOT Likely?

Markets up! Is this a bull trap or a breakout?!? CEO of ICE says crypto WILL succeed, Jay Clayton says ETF not likely due to manipulation, NASDAQ partners …


  1. The fact that there is a question of XRP being a security…or not….shows that Jeb was right….XLM is not questioned ….so (since Jeb was involved in both) XLM must be better designed for the purpose of cross border payments etc…imo

  2. Very good news video Kyle! Yeah, I agree, we won't see these low prices forever, if it won't happen this year, it will grow next year. Projects which held strong and have enough funding to go through the bear market will survive and come back very strong next year because most of their development is over and they'll have working products.

  3. K dub I have been listening to you for awhile. I really appreciate how you keep your personal opinions out of the news you deliver. It's a real talent that you have man keep it up.

  4. You guys have to learn how to read in between the lines……."subject to regulatory approval" …. we'll keep you updated on "our milestone" it's right there in your face bakkt will get the sec approval

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