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  1. Modern Investor gives great news coverage and has some interesting perspectives along with a healthy dose of scepticism.

    MrSotko is an interesting channel too. I enjoy the guy. His personality makes me happy and his lack of shilling is refreshing. He definitely falls closer to the entertainer category to me, although I'm not sure that's the possion he's aiming for. I think he's another good place to catch up on the latests news though.

    Beyond that I just research things as I see them advancing in market value by joining their communities and observing their team of developers and users. It's very clear once you join the people behind the network which ones are technically savvy and understand what they're a part of vs the ones full of McDonald's employees looking to get rich tomorrow.

    Go check out who is a part of the Decred Forum vs who is a part of Basic Attention Token, for instance.

  2. Thanks Cedreic. I really respect ReadySetCrypto because he makes it a point to never sponsorship shill – def one of the strongest channels in the space

  3. I’m really cautious about what I even begin to devote my attention to, so it’s hard to point out bad actors. Likely wouldn’t have even started watching Cedric (loads of clickbait titles) if it hadn’t been recommended to me. Even those not being paid by market teams are likely covering their own bags because of course they are.

    That said, even some ‘shills’ provide invaluable info on projects and insight on the space. It just comes back to sifting out the junk and doing your own research to verify these things check out. Some tubers I’m fond of include datadash, coin mastery, and crypto bobby. I also really enjoy crypto entertainment like Doug Polk and cryptodaily. Despite the playful nature of their channels, still some good info there. Anyway, sorry for my verbosity.

  4. Quick scan did not see Travelling Crypto. Great presentation, really knowledgeable. If you REALLY want bad news, check out BitRaged. lol. For daily straight-laced TA, The Chart Guys. Also really like you too Cedric, but I see you as a general business-sense person, which is very important!

  5. bad experience: Vincent Briatore
    I liked his videos. Then he jumped on the brave browser/bat token referral pyramid scheme. That wouldn't be a big problem (everyone makes mistakes) if he wouldn't lied about it. After his viewers complained they didn't get anything that he was talk about he just turned the page and forgot about it like nothing happened.

  6. doh! triggered after this vids comments you are obviously a key influence no homo and doug makes me giggle but still get a good point across but there are so many dead enders we shouldnt even type their names for fear someone might 'investigate' further. BTW i liked your jumper and i likesd the fact you were having fun with this one! you n doug should get yer asses together and do a livestream about merchandising yes its the 't' shirt thing again 🙂

  7. Crypto intelligent Report..AKA Crypto Baller.. AKA donut guy..AKA psychic. This dude is Bad.. He should get an Oscar for lying.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUDE… YOUR GOING TO LOSE THE SHIRT OF YOUR BACK..

  8. You could try what I do. I keep one eye on prices yet purposely lag youtube / podcasts by days (or a week). This way I get to see which youtubers talk nonsense.

  9. +Cedric Dahl, I reported a couple frauds in the comments. They are getting more and more tenacious. Soliciting your followers for investments and using your avatar. Friend! Make sure to check for false accounts and impersonators. Crypto is prime real estate for con artists and scams. Always assume identities are stolen if you don't have all the info. See below; "Cedricdahltrade@gmail" is one lazy scam artist…

  10. Most of the shills have been outed in the comments below, thanks community! For good technical information I'd like to recommend Cryptolite. His videos are extensive, require a lot of brain juice to process but definitely augment my awareness on recharge. Go Cryptolite!

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