💥 BIG NEWS 💥 Michael Stollaire Prosecuted For Alleged Scam – AKA Titanium Blockchain!

CHANGE YA LIFESTYLE WITH PAYPAL INCOME ☆ BIG NEWS Michael Stollaire Prosecuted For Alleged Scam …


  1. It means all us ICO buyers at $1 lose money, buyers at market release for $3-$4 lose more, and after this I'm thinking TBAR will have a similar value to BAR in the months to come.

  2. He was on many channels stating how he was going to clean up the scams in the space. He was making grandiose claims about all the bigwigs he knew and it had a bad smell. I just didn't trust the guy. Always trust your gut.

  3. Michael even lied about his name he said Stollarey was written by mistake,

    When yu have a legit question on telegram that Redhead fraud bans yu straight awat,

    What a scammers, i hope they can get arrested and rot in jail both Michael and Martha the scam…

  4. Bernie Madoff of Crypto.
    Hope he gets 20 years, government needs to be tough on this fraudulent behaviour and Michael is perfect example of a fraudster

  5. Stupidest thing I ever did, was investing in this. Best thing I did was using the very small window back in april to get out clean. Phew! Talk about dodging a bullet!

    No doubt in my mind Titamium is dead. I sincerely hope you holders will be able to get back your money – I mean they cant all be spent? I will be interesting to follow this case and hear the details of this scam, when it surfaces.

  6. So upsetting!!! I absolutely love the idea behind this company, but the more I watched Michael Stollaire's videos, the more it left me uneasy. Such a weird guy, but I chalked it up to him being a huge nerd….not a bad thing in the tech/crypto space. THEN, one day I was at a froyo shop with my wife & kids & guess who was sitting at the table right next to us…..Michael Stollaire & his family. I said hello & we spoke for a couple minutes about Titanium. I left feeling even more uneasy about the guy…felt like he had something to hide. This was literally the week before the 16MM BAR hack. ANYWAY, turns out I live within walking distance to this guy….I'll just leave it at that & the fact that I'm not happy losing money to what appears to be con.

  7. I think if anyone bought in after the theft of 16 million Bar you were foolish. I bought at ICO and dumped it when I felt comfortable with losing $500. Only invest as much as you can afford to lose.

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