🌎 bitcoin technical analysis 5.29.18 (ethereum + litecoin + cardano + tron)

chat room + k.i.t.t. trading alerts: short BTC with leverage on BitMEX: trade alts on Binance: …


  1. Hmmm meme kitt… I'm not a very funny person to be honest but I'll give it a go : "Preparing for take off in 3, 2,…" – "General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands to Moon Stations!" – "I never hodl, but when I do, I only hodl until KITT signals." – "Danger! Danger! Crypto Traderson! A big Bear Approaches!!" – "Ordering extra cases of Aloe Vera to the Long/Short Department. Bears/Bulls please do not poke the burn victims." – "Lamborghini are going to need another factory." Hope one of them is ok for you at least. 🙂

  2. Great video. Thinking of some Kitt phrases: “Gas up the Lambo” or “Repo the Lambo”. “Fuel the Jet” or “waiting for kitt to tee this up for me” , “Going to the Moon” “Going to Uranus”. More zingers to come.

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